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Timeless Moissanite™ offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all synthetic moissanite gemstones that are larger or equal to 4mm in diameter.

This Limited Lifetime Warranty covers optical properties of the moissanite stone including brilliance and fire. This Warranty does not include damage or defects as a result of abuse, misuse, excessive heat, or theft of your moissanite gem. Any moissanite gemstone that has been altered in anyway by third parties will not be covered.

Timeless Moissanite™ will replace or repair any item covered by the Warranty, at no charge to the customer, on receipt of the damaged item together with its unique Digital Certificate following an inspection by our in-house gemologist.

The Limited Lifetime Warranty is effective as of the date of purchase.
While moissanite is extremely durable, it like all fine gemstones, is not indestructible. Therefore, care should be taken to avoid sharp blows when wearing any piece of fine jewellery.