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With every purchase of a Timeless Moissanite™, you receive a Digital Certificate of Authenticity & Limited Lifetime Warranty for any gemstone weighing over 0.45 carats.

The Timeless Moissanite™ Limited Lifetime Warranty guarantees your Moissanite's optical properties for as long as you own it. These optical properties are:
  • colour
  • clarity
  • luster
  • fire
  • brilliance

Please note that Limited Lifetime Warranty is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The Timeless Moissanite™ warranty is non-transferable and only applies to the original purchaser.
  • The Timeless Moissanite™ warranty covers changes to the optical properties (colour, clarity, fire and brilliance) of the gemstone.
  • The Timeless Moissanite™ warranty does not cover damage as the result of abuse or misuse of your gemstone.
  • The Timeless Moissanite™ warranty does not cover theft or loss of the stone.
  • Any alterations or treatments to the Timeless Moissanite™ by a third party will void the warranty.

Timeless Moissanite™ will cover limited damage resulting in chipping, scratching or abrasions from normal wear and tear (at a minimal handling fee plus shipping)  following an inspection by our in-house gemologist.  On assessment, Timeless Moissanite™ will determine whether or not to repair or replace the gemstone.