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What you need to know about pink moissanite

Many of our customers have asked us for pink moissanite gemstones.  However, we do not sell them for one simple reason...we cannot guarantee that the colour will last. 

All pink moissanite stones in the market today start off life as clear moissanite that are colour enhanced by a "coating" process (ion induction) to make them pink. This micron thick coating on the gemstone is not permanent.  Many dealers sell these stones and lead you to believe that "under normal wear" the colour is permanent. You need to question these companies and ascertain exactly what is the definition of "normal wear"?

 "Normal wear" in their definition certainly does not cover repairing, resizing or ultrasonically cleaning, polishing and rhodium plating. Yet each of these processes will most likely be required for the lifetime of your jewellery. The coating may also come off when it comes into contact with strong cleaning solutions, solvents, under high heat (over 550 degrees Celsius), boiling in acid and polishing of the coated surface.

Timeless Moissanite™ and Touchstone Gems believe that the majority of moissanite sold today is for engagement rings and we believe that the gemstone should look as gorgeous today as it will in 50 years’ time.  We have tested pink moissanite stones beyond what is considered "normal wear" and we have found that none have passed the colour permanency test.

At Timeless Moissanite™ we take pride in standing behind our products, so until we can guarantee you the colour of your Moissanite will last, and you will get a lifetime of enjoyment from your pink moissanite gemstone, we cannot sell this product.