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What is Crushed Ice Cut?

A crushed ice moissanite is simply a stone with a center that looks like shattered glass or ice. The crushed ice look comes from cutting smaller facets on the bottom of the stone. These small facets bounce and reflect light off each other, giving it the crushed ice look. They’re designed intentionally by the gemstone cutter and make the moissanite have a more natural diamond look.

The standard cut for moissanite is brilliant or ideal. These cuts makes moissanite sparkle a lot more than a diamond due to moissanite' s high refractive index.  The crushed ice cut is generally applied to elongated and skinny shapes, such as ovals, cushions, pears, and radiant.

So, is the stone — and its structure — compromised with a crushed ice cut? Not at all.  The crushed ice look is not inclusions or internal damage to the gemstone.

We often get asked which cut is better.  There isn’t a “better” choice when evaluating between a crushed ice moissanite and other brilliant or ideal cut moissanites.  At the end of the day it all comes down to which cutting style you prefer.